Frequently Asked Questions

Even though automotive mechanics is our passion, we understand it’s not everyone’s! Below are some frequently asked questions that will hopefully cover the majority of the basic questions we get asked.
Don’t see your question? Please give us a call or send us a message! We look forward to helping you and assisting in any automotive needs you may have!

Does Lugo’s Auto Service work on all makes and models? How do I know they can work on my car?

We have a team of mechanics that can work on absolutely every kind of car out there. Rest assured that when you book a service appointment with us, we can handle your vehicle’s specific needs.

Is my car really worth fixing?

If you’d like you can bring your car to our shop for a full write-up of the diagnosis and the costs to bring your vehicle back into tip-top shape.
We know that every car and every situation is different. And each and every customer deserves an experience that is specific to their needs. We will proceed on servicing your car on a case-by-case basis to ensure everyone leaves our shop completely satisfied with not only our work, but the end result.

How do I know when it's time to bring my car in for a tune up?

First, let’s talk about what a tune-up is and why it’s important. Tune-ups are done in order to secure your vehicle’s long term health. That includes everything from your engine compartments to installing parts when necessary.
Here’s a few things you can check if you are unsure when to bring your car in:
1. Owner’s Manual - your owner’s manual will suggest certain mileage checkpoints that are recommended for you to book your next tune-up. This ensures you are keeping your car in good shape the longer you drive and have your vehicle.
2. Check your gas consumption - have you noticed your car seems to be going through gas faster than usual? You aren’t going crazy, it just might be time to have your vehicle looked at!
3. All those engine lights - we’ve all seen a light pop up on our dash at the most inopportune times, but as annoying as they are it’s sometimes a decent indicator that there is a problem with your car. No matter what light comes on, our team of technicians have got you covered!
4. Overall vehicle activity - has it seemed like your car is running worse now than it did when you first got it? Are those Washington winter mornings causing your car difficulties starting? It’s probably time to book an appointment to get your car checked out!

I’m in the market to buy a new car, will you check it out for me before I sign on the dotted line?

Absolutely! Every potential purchase of a car deserves an in-depth multi-point inspection, and that is exactly what we offer! You will leave with a detailed printup of our results to make the decision if your new car is a good buy.

Are there any coupons or specials right now?

Make sure to check back frequently to see our newest deals and specials available for you!

Do you provide a rental car while my car is being worked on?

Since partnering with our new business partner, we are now able to offer our customers complimentary loaner cars to help ease the transition while we are servicing your vehicle.
We can also provide our customers with a rental car at low daily discounted rates. At Lugo’s Auto Service we know the importance that your vehicle plays in your everyday lives, and we take that very seriously. Make sure to mention your need for a loaner or rental car when you contact our office to make an appointment to check for availability and rates.

My car has an aftermarket warranty. What does that mean for me and do you do warranty work?

Bring it in! We accept after-market warranties for the repairs that they cover and can work with each customer to create a service plan that works for them.

Can you check my fluids for me?

We sure can! Call our office to find the perfect time that works with your busy schedule and we will make sure everything is full and properly filled up so you are ready for the open road.

What if I need my car towed to your shop after hours?

We understand things happen, and sometimes they happen at a less than ideal time for you. Lugo’s Auto Service is there to help, regardless of the time.
Make sure to give us a call or email with a detailed message (name, number, description of your vehicle’s issues) and have your car towed into our lot.
Once you’re there, drop your keys off in our locked and protected drop box, and a team member will contact you the following business day.
Towing your car to Lugo’s Auto Service couldn't be simpler:
1. Drop your vehicle into an open parking space.
2. Leave your keys with us in our secure and locked drop box.
3. Make sure to give us a call and email to let us know you dropped your car off at our facility. If it’s after work hours, make sure to leave a voicemail with a detailed message and callback number so we can begin your service work as soon as possible.

Do you work on hybrid cars or hybrid car batteries?

We sure can! We have an excellent and informative team of mechanics that can work on all kinds of cars. Give us a call today to schedule your service or maintenance appointment, regardless of your vehicle type.

I need a new key fob - can you help me?

Programming key fobs at a dealership can mean long wait times and an expensive bill. When you choose Lugo’s Auto Service, whether your old key fob stops working or you need a new one altogether, we’ve got you covered.
We can order key fobs for almost any car and have them programmed just for you. At the price of at least half of what a dealership will charge you.
Reprogramming an old key fob that has stopped working is also just an appointment book away!

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